Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A G.O.O.D. Stove for Your BOB

The New Stove and an Altoid/Sucrets Tin
 Howdy. I have been thinking about this blog for some time now and maybe I am not utilizing it to the fullest.

So, I am going to try an experiment and input some gear reviews as often as I can.

To start with, let's have a look at an affordable stove for your bugout bag (BOB). 

This compact stove was purchased through and it shipped from Gadgest Super (Hong Kong).
Coleman Peak 1 & The New Stove
Here is the link:

The stove I received arrived in 17 days from Hong Kong. Shipping was only $0.98 per stove. Quite affordable. The stove itself was only $8.80. So, this is a $10 compact backpacking canister stove.

In the second picture you can see my tried and trusted Coleman Peak 1 Canister stove from the '90's.....and it cost over $65 at that time. My Coleman is a very small and light stove, but you can see that the new stove is half the size. And about half the weight, at 3.9 oz. 

The new stove fitted up nicely to a Primus butane/propane canister and lit up right away. The burner, although a small surface area, seems to put out a lot of heat. The valve control is very smooth. Simmering may actually be possible with the new stove. Field tests yet to be conducted.

If you are in the process of gearing up a BOB, you may want to consider this stove. It is affordable, light, small and fits the common butane/propane canisters.

Until the next gear review,
Keep your BOB packed and ready!


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