Monday, 9 January 2017

GOOD & Free Education - Basic Emergency Management Course

Evening All,

GOOD skills are easy to come by if you are watching for opportunities. Recently, I became aware of a course being offered, free-of-charge, from Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA). The link to this course is here: AEMA Basic Emergency Management Course

The course material is easy to download, it is a PDF manual. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to work through at a relaxed pace. Now to get your certificate you need to register and then complete the online exam, which I am told takes about an hour. I am waiting for my login to be approved, so I can write the final exam. 

Always learn something new!


Sunday, 27 November 2016

A G.O.O.D. Firepit Design

The Keyhole Firepit. A very good design for both survival and long-term outdoor pursuits.

This design allows for an open burning area to convert firewood to coals that are better suited for cooking meals. 

This is the basic design. It has a deeper firepit at one end and a shallow bed for coals that can be used with either a cooking grill or a spit. The spit rod can also be used to suspend a coffee pot or water bucket. You can never have too much hot water at the ready.

This design can be upgraded by adding another arm to the fire that is made of rock/stone, brick or even clay/mud; to create an oven to bake pizza, bread or even cakes. Like the coal bed, the oven would be feed coals from the firepit as required to maintain the correct temperature.

The largest advantage of a firepit designed like this, is it is always on and always making coals. So, you do not have to waste 45+ minutes every mealtime burning down your fire into a cooking fire. It is much easier to control the heat when dealing with coals than trying to cook with flame.

May this give you a few more ideas about fire!


Sunday, 13 November 2016

My Patriot Supply - A G.O.O.D. Source for Food on the Run

72 Hour Kit from My Patriot Supply
Time for a new product to share with all of you. I have recently purchased and sampled the 72 Hour Kit from My Patriot Supply (72 Hour Kit ). The kit costs $24.95 USD + shipping. My order totaled $47.85 for the goods with another $36.50 for shipping. 

My order arrived in about 7 days, it was probably in town sooner than that, but my local postie seems to only deliver parcel every-other-day. The outer packaging was compact enough to have the parcel left in the onsite mailbox parcel compartment. That was good, no trip to the Post Office.

The inner contents were also well packaged. The 72 Hour Kit has a heavy polymer pouch that is mylar lined and has a re-sealable zippered top. Inside were four smaller pouches. All as tough as the 72 Hour pouch, also zipper-topped and re-sealable. These four pouches were: Granny's Home Style Potato  Soup; Traveler's Stew; Blue Ribbon Creamy Chicken Rice and Liberty Bell Potato Cheddar Soup. Each pouch makes four servings. To date I have sampled Granny's Home Style Potato Soup.

First let me review the meal we (my family & I) sampled. Meal prep was straight forward and simple. Water and contents of the pouch into a sauce pan, bring to boil and then simmer on low heat for 15 - 20 minutes. The end product was hearty and very tasty. For the three of us - two adults and a teenager, it was more food than we could eat at one sitting. My wife had the leftover serving for lunch the next day. I would definitely purchase this product again.....and for the record I am not a soup person, I usually find most soups to be too watery. 

Lesson learned and strategy to share. This soup could have been "cut" with more water to feed more mouths.....I am not sure but the 5 cups of water could have been 6 or maybe 7 cups of water to start. Or, to look at this another way, half of the pouch of soup mix could have been made with 3 cups of water with minimal notice to those eating. This is important if you are on the run. That means this 72 hour kit could be stretched to 96 hours?? 108 hours?? Here is my suggested use of this 72 hour kit....add instant oatmeal packages - 1x package per person per day for breakfasts. So, for my family that would be 9x packages of oatmeal to fortify the 72 hours kit to get 3 full days of food. Now, if we play with servings and meal-times.....Eat breakfast and a late afternoon meal.......half the four meal pouches in the 72 hour kit.......add oatmeal packages (x24).......and the 72 hour kit would feed us in an emergency for 8 days or 192 hours. This would not be luxury survival, but the meals would be hot and just enough to get us through for a week or so. 

This type of thinking and planning may not work for you and your family, but you may have to try something similar. A family unit of four persons will probably benefit the most from the packaging used by My Patriot Supply. Shipping is probably the largest stumbling point for those of us living outside the USA. But, that is the case with  most businesses South of the Border. 

In closing I want to say, you have to store food you will actually eat. You need to rotate the food you store. And when the stored food needs to be eaten so it does not go will want food you want to eat. So far, the products from My Patriot Supply are packaged for long-term storage, whether its seeds or food. The quality of the food I have sampled is as good, if not better, than the stuff we buy at the grocery store on a weekly basis. The fact that many of the food stuffs at My Patriot Supply can last 20 to 25 years is outstanding. Tastes good, good for you and lasts a very long time. Win-win-win. So, if you are looking for a starting place for your food stocks for your BOV, BOL or BOB; do not overlook My Patriot Supply. 

Stay prepared, stay ready!


Saturday, 29 October 2016

New Video from The Kids of Five 56 Concepts Canada - Tactical Competition


The Kids are at it again. They have just released their newest video on YouTube. If you ever wondered what skills are needed in a WROL environment, check out the video......

Train is harder!!


Saturday, 1 October 2016

Lighting Fire is a G.O.O.D. Skill - Link to Prepper Project

Howdy All,

It has been a busy Summer. Now I am back and trying to share info that will help you.

I have found the following article at: The Prepper Project dot Com. Check this out:

The folks at The Prepper Project are always working on finding better ways to help spread knowledge via the internet. Support them if and when you can. They are part of the solution for a better World. In good time and bad.

Never stop learning!


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Stay or Go - Go Presentation from 2016 Bring Out Your BOV Show & Shine

The 2016 Bring Out Your BOV Show & Shine was a success, even though we had less vehicles to demo at our host Briden's Solutions.

We had outstanding success in being part of the presentation team to help those planning for their own or their family's evacuation. With not less than 70 persons in attendance, the bay was packed with eager learners.

As promised to those in attendance, here are the slides from the Stay or Go - Go presentation, presented by Justin (aka Dangphool) and myself - Mountainman. Yes, if you were paying attention you will have noticed I did not have to do very much of the actual talking to that huge crowd. And for that I am thankful, I am not comfortable with public speaking in groups larger than say 20 - 24 persons. Even then, I have to really know my material before, that can be a comfortable time. I did have a hand in preparing the information that was presented so professionally by Justin. THANKS Justin!!

Now, on with the slideshow:

(Quick thank you and shoutout to: SmallPDF   &  FreePDFConvert Their free conversion software allowed me to quickly convert our PDF slides to JPG for posting on my Blog. Thank you!!)



(Yes, I did copy and paste this from my other Blog - Mountainman's Mantra )


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Friday, 24 June 2016

A G.O.O.D. Shelter Video from Kids of Five 56 Concepts Canada

Evenin' All,

The Kids of Five 56 Concepts Canada have published two more videos on YouTube. Both are worth watching and I will post the links to both videos.

The video on shelter building is very helpful and useful, especially for anyone who will have to live at their Safe Zone / Bugout Location for a prolonger period of time. What I like the most, is these shelters are made with mostly natural resources, a couple of poly tarps and basic gear you would carry in a bugout bag or in your vehicle.

Here is the link:

The second video I will link to is actually their first video in this series, and it is a show & tell video about the gear they carry in their rucksacks. The more bugout bags and kit lists you get to review the better you can make your own bugout bag. In case anyone forgot, fitness is a G.O.O.D. skill. You have to be fit to carry a 60lbs ruck cross-country for prolonged periods of time......just saying.

Here is the link:

These videos are great learning tools for all in the emergency preparedness community. Kids teaching kids, is an awesome idea. Kids teaching adults, is even better.

Keep on learning,