Sunday, 15 April 2018

Combating Crime In Rural Alberta, A Hypothetical Solution

What can landowners do when targeted by criminals?? The current situation has landowners trapped by a justice system with a victim mentality and a legal system that coddles & protects criminals. The solution required needs to resonate with the offenders, that rural crime is too costly to consider. Let's explore this subject into hypotheticals the RCMP & provincial government representatives would not risk discussing. I am a former soldier. I think like a soldier and I solve problems like a soldier. Please, consult legal counsel before acting on any suggestion(s) given in this article.

We have to approach fighting crime like we would fight a fire. We fight fire hard & fast. We have a fire fighting plan. We mitigate fire hazards. Upon discovery of fire we call for help (9-1-1). We attack the flames with all available tools/resources. Our neighbours come & help. We knock down the fire before it can spread & injure any people or livestock. We do not stop until the fire is completely extinguished. And flare ups are hosed down until extinct. We do not limit our actions to calling 9-1-1 & then sit & wait for the Fire Department to arrive. Nor do we only use an A-B-C Extinguisher. We use every possible fire fighting tool at our disposal – pumps, hoses, sprinklers, axes, shovels, tractors with plows or harrows, dirt, mud, dry chemical extinguishers, fire fighting foam, etc.....if we got it, we use it.

So, why can we not treat crime with the same solution?? Why does the legal system favour the offender?? Why do the police want me & my family to call, then hide?? Why am I the bad guy if I stop the offender(s) from completing their criminal act(s)?? What can a landowner do when targeted by criminals??

Here are the basics of what you can do:

  1. Create layers & property hardening ( Link:
  2. Put up signage
  3. Create an active network of neighbours/Build a community
  4. Setup a system of communications/sensors/CCTV/video/alarm(s)
  5. Create a safe, defendable position. Think – bunker.
  6. Create a set of Rules of Engagement

Sample: Rules of Engagement
  1. Call 9-1-1
  2. Circle the wagons/Gather your family
  3. Ensure recording devices are actively recording
  4. Give verbal orders via PA system or loud hailer
  5. Activate Network – Call Neighbour(s) for help
  6. Prepare to defend family/self (Do you fear for the lives of your family?)
  7. Occupy your stronghold – get your family in the safe place
  8. If invaders are not satisfied with your stuff outside, use all necessary force to prevent your family/self from being harmed
  9. Threats must be neutralized to be sure they do not present a risk/threat to your safety or your family's safety
  10. Have fire fighting equipment. In case invaders set fire to your property
  11. Have first aid equipment. In case you or your family gets injured
  12. Pray the calvary arrives in time
  13. WIN THE FIGHT!!!
  14. Gather as many witnesses to your property as possible
  15. Cooperate with law enforcement
  16. Stay together

As I stated at the beginning, I am a former soldier. I think like a soldier. I solve problems like a soldier. So, here is a soldier's hypothetical solution.

  1. Identify The Threat. Who is doing the crime?? Independent, low level thugs?? Small unit gangs working for a criminal organization (the mob)?? Specialized units of a criminal organization?? Or a government unit??
  2. Change The Rules. Favour the law-abiding landowners. Label organized crime as domestic terrorists. Treat threats as a military target.
  3. Declare War On Domestic Terrorism. Including all known terrorist groups. Including all known criminal  organizations. Include rogue units/elements – a catch-all for independent criminals.
  4. Engage Threats & Neutralize. Organize a rural militia/reserve army unit. Establish Rules of Engagement. Declare “No Go” zones for Organized Crime. Identify, engage & destroy organized crime units inside the “No Go” zone. Coordinate intelligence between civilians, police & military.
  5. Stand Down Operation. Once rural crime has been suppressed, stand down the military operation. Return to civil police jurisdiction.

Although, I personally favour a black & white solution, like the soldier solution; we must work together to establish a middle solution. Something between the victim model on one extreme and total war on the other extreme. How do we get tough on crime inside our current system?? Is it even possible?? If a solution inside the current system is determined as not possible, we may need a solution that is outside the system.

To sum up. Rural crime impacts all of us. The solution includes working together, hardening our properties, having a plan and making rural crime too costly for criminals to commit. In these politically correct times, I am not allowed to suggest the old solution for cattle rustling – Tall trees, Short ropes & shaky milking stools.

Stay safe out there.



  1. After any “incident” your first call is your lawyer and you should never say anything to the police. There is nothing you can say about the incident that can’t be said later, better, by your lawyer. Farmers and ranchers getting charged after an incident is common, so do yourself and your defence lawyer a favour and say exactly nothing to the police, at very least until you have spoken to a lawyer skilled in defending people who have used force in self-defence.

  2. Michael A. Loberg, excellent advice. Use your right to remain silent. Use your right to receive legal counsel before breaking your silence. If you cannot afford legal counsel, one will be appointed to you. The law enforcement community knows all of these things and are required to inform you of the same BEFORE you say anything. Thanks again, Michael.