Saturday, 3 June 2017

Rooftop Tents by Treeline Outdoors, A GOOD Idea

Treeline Outdoors

On The Inside Looking Out!! 
Rooftop Tents may be the best idea for folks in the emergency preparedness community, who do not own an RV, a cabin, BOL or other shelter to rely on during a crisis or natural disaster. Heck, even if you do own one or all of the above a rooftop tent is a great backup.

Very recently, I met Luke from Treeline Outdoors based in Turner Valley, Alberta. That makes this a local company, at least for me.

I was very happy to discover a local provider of a type of shelter I really like. The rooftop tents from Treeline Outdoors are first class. No shortcuts, not cut corners and no compromise in materials. The honeycomb aluminum base plates used on many of the Treeline's unit is super light and super strong. That is a great combo, when you have to bolt it to the roof rack on your vehicle. As these are designed to be used right here in the Great White North, it is awesome to see that the fabrics chosen are designed to function here. No lightweight oxford nylons on these tents. These tents use a durable, rip-stop poly-cotton, PU coated canvas for the tent body and a polyester PU & UV coated fly material. I am impressed.

So, support local business if you are in the market for a rooftop tent unit. Shop at Treeline Outdoors. Learn more at their website:
Or follow on their Faceboook page:


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