Sunday, 7 May 2017

Emergency Preparedness Week, Are You Ready??

Evenin' All,

Well, it is Emergency Preparedness Week again. Each year in Canada, the first full week of May (07-13 May 2017) is reserved for emergency preparedness. For those who are new, this is the week for education and learning new techniques or finding new gear. For those who have been at this a bit, this week is a great time to review your family emergency plan, rotate water stocks, inspect kit and run a few emergency drills. Are you ready??

In the Town of High River, emergency preparedness is the flavour for the whole month of May, each year. The largest challenge, even in locations that see an above average number of natural events that can result in evacuations or emergency response, is complacency. Once you let your guard down, that is the moment that disaster will strike. Not trying to scare anyone, just raising awareness levels. I agree no one can stay at ready level 5 all the time......but, a healthy level 2 is not going to kill you. Complacency leads to apathy and from there you are totally vulnerable to any number of situations that could in fact kill you. 

Well, over at SATAS Co, they have just opened their YouTube channel and published a couple of videos. Here is the link to the short one:

Stay ready!!


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