Sunday, 28 May 2017

A GOOD Helmet Design by Hard Head Veterans

HHV's Above The Ear (ATE) Helmet
Looking around the big ol' internet for interesting gear to share and I bumped into this helmet, photo to the left.

This helmet is produced by Hard Head Veterans ( ), a veterans owned and operated company in the US.

This particular model, Above The Ear (ATE) is quite interesting for those who are still in the game or those who are privately employed to care. This helmet seems to have many features that would appeal to those in harms way right down to weekend warriors at the airsoft playground. It comes with a front attachment point for your AN/PVS-14's and side mounting rails for comms gear or laser/lights.

I learned about this helmet while poking around the Blog at Black Rifle Coffee Company ( ) and came across their post: BRCC Skid Lids.

The primary reason I am posting this today is I want to learn more about this helmet without the testimonials coming from the company. I have read those and this is one checked out piece of kit. What I would like would be to hear from those who own or use this helmet and get their honest sugar coating, no holds barred. Tell it like it is. What do you like?? What doesn't work for you?? Why?? How would you make this better??

This helmet as a Threat level IIIA rating and the whole unit only weighs 2.7lbs, that is awesome. That is like half the weight of that crappy Kevlar helmet I was burdened with when I was in Yugo back in the '90's. I like where helmet technology is headed and I want to really support this piece of kit.....but, I have to do that from a point of knowledge. I am a bit short these days, so I cannot go out and invest in every cool bit of gear to test and then post on here.  Starting at $425 USD per helmet they are about half the cost of their competition, another reason why I really want to support this product and their company.

So, if you can.....please, help me out and send me some feedback. Post in the comments section below.

Together we will know more!


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