Monday, 20 April 2015

Wilderness First Aid from Inside Out Experience

Inside Out Experience
 I do not advertise, but I will endorse those who need to be recognized. This past weekend I enjoyed upgrading my first aid training and achieving Basic Wilderness First Aid - 20 hour. 

This training would not be possible without the excellent instructors Brent & Andrew from Inside Out Experience ( ). Thanks for the great training.

As with other emergency preparedness skills, first aid must be kept current. Re-certifying every two years is a good idea. In my area of the world first aid is classified as Emergency Level (8 hour), Standard (16 hour) and then Wilderness First Aid - 20 hour, 40 hour and 80 hour. Wilderness First Aid is designed for rural activities that are more than 20 minutes from an advanced medical care facility. Those who find themselves in a post-disaster situation will be on their own for at least 72 hours, to be ready you may want to work your way toward getting a 40 hour Wilderness First Aid certification.

Keep you skills current....keep learning,

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