Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Even More G.O.O.D. YouTube

Prepper Madness is still at it. Getting a few more videos produced to discuss The G.O.O.D. Plan - Get Out Of Dodge.

Thank you Prepper Madness. If you like what you see please support Prepper Madness and subsrcibe to his YouTube channel.

Below I have added the following video links.

The G.O.O.D. Plan Part 2:

The G.O.O.D. Plan Part 3:

The G.O.O.D. Plan Part 4:

Thank you One & All for your continued support of my book!!!



Thursday, 28 August 2014

More G.O.O.D. on YouTube!!

Welcome back.

Our friend, Prepper Madness, has started to do a video series of:  The G.O.O.D. Plan - Get Out Of Dodge. This video series will dissect my book section-by-section and Prepper Madness will also input his thoughts, feelings and impressions, on a subject he is also very, very well versed in.

Here is the link to the first video:

I will investigate the process to also host a copy of the video here.

So, visit Prepper Madness on YouTube. Subscribe to his channel. 



Sunday, 6 July 2014

New from EdibleWildFood dot Com

Howdy All,

I have made a new contact. Her name is Karen. She is the author of Ediblewildfood.com. She also does educational walk and talks in the forest to help others learn which plants can be your friend and those to avoid.

As life would have it, Karen has a new release from her website:

"If you can share this link with your contacts that would be very much appreciated! Although it won’t be launched until the 15th I’m taking pre-orders at 10% off (only prior to the 15th)  http://www.ediblewildfood.com/subscription.aspx
Thanks so much!
So, if you want to save 10% pre-order before 15 July 2014. Drop by the website link above for more details.

Here are some pics:

Issue 01 Front Cover

Issue 01 Back Cover

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Bring Out Your BOV Show & Shine 2014

05 July 2014 Langdon, AB (Noon - 1600)
Time to get your motors running!! Bring out your BOV (bugout vehicle) to the Southern Alberta's 1st Annual Bring Out Your BOV Show & Shine. 05 July 2014, from Noon to 1600 in Langdon, AB. Just show up at the parking lot to the I.O.O.F. Hall in Langdon, and be setup for judging by 1500. Prizes will be awarded at 1545.

There will be one copy of The G.O.O.D. Plan - Get Out Of Dodge (Deluxe Binder Edition) as well as a couple Field Manual Editions, to be won.

Categories will be straight forward:

Extreme BOV
Family BOV
Towable/Trailer BOV

The photo below is the Deluxe Binder Edition up for grabs at the BOV Show & Shine. Do not miss your opportunity to be there.

One of the Prizes Up For Grabs @ The Bring Out Your BOV Show & Shine
Best success to all who bring out their BOV and those who drop by for a visit. Some of those attending will also have their bugout camp setup from their vehicle. 

See you there!!


Snow & Rain's Cool Jeep

Scotty's Tricked Out Cherokee
 It was scorcher in Langdon, I have the sunburn to prove it. It is all good.

Here are some pics to look at. Maybe, next year we can get a few more rigs out to show off.

No worries! For an early Summer meet, the Bring Out Your BOV Show & Shine was a success.

See you next year.
Dangphool's Get Home Buggy

Mountainman's Ride

Tucker_Blue's New Home & BOV

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

2014 Ontario Provincial Preparedness Meet (11 - 13 July)

The 2014 Ontario Provincial Preparedness, Prepper & Self-reliance Meet will be held from Friday 11 July 2014 until Sunday 13 July 2014 at Horning's Mills, Ontario. Events will be split between Horning's Mills Community Hall and Ark II.

Yes, The G.O.O.D. Plan - Get Out Of Dodge, will be available for purchase at this world class event. However, onsite supplies will be limited.

Look for this symbol while at the event:

To learn more about the 2014 Ontario Provincial Preparedness, Prepper & Self-reliance Meet, please click on this link:


or this link:


Learn, Plan, Prepare, Act.


Saturday, 3 May 2014

Emergency Preparedness Expo A Success

Afternoon All,

The High River Emergency Preparedness Expo was a great success. One organizer I spoke with said they had well over 600 visitors. Twice the number he was hoping for.

Not bad, since it snowed the entire time the Expo was open. And the wind was a bit chilly.

Who was there.....The Town of High River, the RCMP, EMS, the Fire Department, Alberta Health Services, Foothills Search & Rescue, Canadian Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, ATCO - power and gas, Alberta Emergency Management Agency, the Humane Society, Tervita and volunteers from the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). As well, there were a couple tables from small business owners - acu-punture, sandbag alternatives, and GM Mechanical - our local plumbing and gasfitting company.

The Fire Dept had their airboat out on the playfield burning donuts and screaming across the snow. Very loud and showing. Attracted a lot of attention.

So, what did I think. I think the Town did a great job of getting folks to the Expo. No complaints there. Great job.

But, my one observation was that once there, the visitors were not encouraged or engaged enough to stay longer than the 15 to 30 minutes to visit each indoor table, pick-up a few handouts and then stop by a few of the outdoor exhibits while returning to their vehicle.

Groups like Plan C, Scouts Canada, Canadian Cadet Corps, Junior Forest Wardens, could have added another dimension to the handouts and vehicle displays. Not everyone was ready for the next level, but for those who were, they had nothing to gleen from their visit. IMHO.

I did make some contacts with the "right" persons at townhall. So, maybe I can eventually be in a position to offer suggestions to take a great event to the next level and make it one not-to-miss.

Calgary, tomorrow is your turn. I heard from those at the Salvation Army, that at McMahon Stadium there will be an emergency preparedness expo. Last year it was a heat wave, this year looks like the snow may continue into tomorrow. Dress for the weather. I will not be there, unfortunately.

Sunday 04 May 2014, is the start of National Emergency Preparedness Week, so, get involved, get out there and do or learn something this week.


V. Andrew.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Emergency Preparedness Expo in High River 03 May 2014

There will be an Emergency Preparedness Expo in High River, Alberta on Saturday 03 May 2014, from Noon until 1500 hrs.

I am currently exploring if I will be allowed to setup a table to show case my book, The G.O.O.D. Plan - Get Out Of Dodge. I will post an update in the near future.

Here is the link: 

I will also post any updated links, once more information is available.


02 May 2014

Well, I have not been invited to the Emergency Preparedness Expo........however, that will not deter me from showing up. I will have a bit better than a dozen copies of The G.O.O.D. Plan - Get Out Of Dodge. So, if you want your very own copy. Drop by the High River Emergency Preparedness Expo at Highwood High School between 1230 and 1500. I will try to be obvious.



Sunday, 2 February 2014

Book Review by GreyGhost


Another book review from a member of IPN/CPN.

I am so happy my book is having a positive effect on others. Thank you GreyGhost. I hope you are fine with me re-posting the review on my blog. If not, I will take it downif you ask.


V. Andrew.

Re: Book Review "The G.O.O.D Plan"

Postby greyghost » Fri Jan 31, 2014 1:34 am
I bought and read "The G.O.O.D. Plan" directly from the author. Very reasonable price and very professional transaction. Also, great guy to deal with.

That being said, you're likely asking was it worth it?

Simple answer, YES!

The author provides a very well thought out publication with a "Canadian" slant to it which I enjoyed. Many of the books out there are most obviously written by Americans whose access and affinity for firearms is quite apparent. The GOOD Plan is very well done, has a great deal of "common-sense" principles and directions. The basics are covered, which is always good, and there are many tips and suggestions that were new.

Good job on the G.O.O.D. Plan. I look forward to further publications if and when they are available.



The G.O.O.D. Plan - Getting Noticed on YouTube

Morning All,

It would seem that The G.O.O.D. Plan - Get Out Of Dodge is getting noticed. Here are a couple links to Prepper Madness Youtube Channel:



Dropby YouTube and check it out. Prepper Madness has a very good series of wilderness survival topics and other useful topics. Have a look, like and subscribe.

Thanks for the support.

V. Andrew.

Here are the videos.