Saturday, 27 July 2013

Props, Scenery, Action - The G.O.O.D Plan Photo-shoot

 Time for a photo-shoot. Weather. Check. Props. Check. Scenery. Check. Finally, a good weather day. However, with the recent flooding in the area it took more than a few attempts to find a road or bridge that had not been washed out. Eventually, I found this little skidtrail into the mountains of K-Country.

No crowds up here, unlike the roads down below. But, I digress.

Time for a photo-shoot. It was time to get the Field Manual version of The G.O.O.D. Plan - Get Out Of Dodge into the field. So, I borrowed some props (from anonymous sources), grabbed the camera and headed for the hills.

I have received some feedback that my original photos in my blog were too home-made. I needed some action shots featuring my book. Please find a selection of the photos for your review. 

Please post a reply of which pictures look best and which one might make a good cover photo. Any comments are welcome.










  1. Number 1 is probably my favourite but number 9 is really good too and appropriate. I would always pick a rifle over a shotgun in survival situations due to the higher practicality and multi-purpose of it. The background in #9 is less intimidating for regular folk too. The valley is comforting with the mountainous background.
    By the way bud I would like to buy one of your green field manuals from you.


  2. Oh by the way, one other thing I've been meaning to mention for a long long time but keep getting side tracked. Your Canadian rebel tag, if you really want it to be more Canadian then you should drop the blue stripes in it and keep it looking exactly the same minus the blue stripes. Just red and white like our flag, it will look good still and less yankee-ish.
    That's it for now. Later pal.

  3. Thanks for the reply Castle68.

    I will contact you regarding getting you a copy of the Field Manual Edition of The G.O.O.D. Plan.